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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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neighborhood looking for dirt on parisi. he arrested parisi after admitting to painting this while. he made the arrest in front of his neighbor. >> with parisi in custody leblanc orders james holder to go back inside and get me some stuff. >> holder brings out drug paraphernalia and places the items in parisi's back without his knowledge. >> leblanc was trying to use holder as a donation. so that is where the crime really for us is the fact that he had the intent to try to get parisi put up on more charges. >> leblanc changed his mind and left the bag outside the home. the sheriff office listed the charges for leblanc. >> we are working with the state attorney's office.
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several standard of conduct violations including the commission of a felony. in new port richey, casey cumley. sheriff not go said there is body camera evidence against leblanc. it is not release right now. super tuesday is the biggest day of the 2016 primary season. billions of voters and a dozen states are making their voices heard right now. there are 595 delegates up for grab on the republican side and 865 delegates at stake on the democratic side. us senator ted cruz hopes to win his home state. in whole ohio trump stepped up at a rally. >> i deal with rubio. i deal with cruz. these guys don't know anything.
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will be an embarrassment to anyone supporting him. >> hillary clinton in minnesota. sanders has visited that state frequently. stay with 10 news throughout the night for live updates. news coverage begins at 9 pm. political reporter mark rivera breaks down super tuesday. new information in the case of a baby found buried. joseph walls being charged with first-degree with murder. the mother kristin bury pleading no contest are aggravated manslaughter. we are getting a look at jailhouse letters written by murray. the letter gives insight into the relationship with her husband. in many letters bury wrote to her husband, walsh. she wants to take care of them and writing i've never stop thinking about you.
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acting like they we mutilated someone. differently about her relationship. there she was scared he would kill her. she tried to run out the front door just before chances death. the former professional wrestler hulk hogan trial. he is suing gawker for $100 million after releasing a sex tape of him and radio personality bubba the love sponge clem wife. they voiced concerns to a judge. 106 jurors will be back tomorrow as jury selection continues. we will stream the entire trial on the 10 news app. spacex out of luck again when it comes to launching the
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the plan to launch tonight. strong winds high up in the air made for dangerous conditions. it would be the fourth attempt the last few missions were aborted due to issues like liquid oxygen temperatures and breast problems. we will let you know when the launch date is set. seeing red. drivers at traffic lights causing congestion at gandy boulevard. the road warrior hillary is working tonight to find out why drivers are seeing so much red. >> this intersection is a tricky one. traffic coming from all over the place and you have a major construction project in the middle. here is gandy boulevard running and east and that you have fourth street running and east and that you have 4th st., you also have roosevelt boulevard that intersects. this is what i found out.
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boulevard sits at a red light then they see green for 43 gandy boulevard is definitely given the priority here. they sit and read going east for about two minutes and see green for a minute 20. during rush hour it takes a few cycles to get all the traffic to the intersection. one of the main reasons department of transportation is building the elevated road. the intersection is overcapacity. too much traffic. the project won't be finished until 2017. until then i requested to see if the adjustments can be made to the signal timing. i inquired about that detection cameras for overnight drivers. they are having to sit at a red light for two minutes when there is to traffic so if they can get those detection cameras that will help. stay up-to-date on the story,
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i am hillary valid. if you have a traffic issue you want hillary to investigate, center an email. shoot her a treat, newly renovated marchant kicking off the new detroit tires spring-training game. phase 1 of the stadium wrapped up. it includes new locker rooms, and batting cages. >> we're looking to $41 million of new to our city for the economy. we appreciate the fans coming out. >> stage to will starch -- start after spring-training. citrus county, duke energy is working to cut costs with a nuclear
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bonds that will say customers $600 million over time. customers will see a new line on the bill for three dollars. it is a charge duke says is cheaper than if they went with other financing options. >> what happened to gas prices. there are up and we are taking a closer look at why. substations raised prices by $.20 overnight. a gallon of gas in tampa costs $1.70. state average is $1.78. aaa says oil prices are up 30% from lowe's. we want to help you save time and money and 10 news is always happy to bring you a list of cheaper gas prices. search and download wtsp from the app store. how much would you pay to get to a popular local beautiful beach. >> a new toll. the causeway cause that could add up fast
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so much going on these days. plant city strawberry festival. spring-training. a beautiful evening. i am tracking a cold front for wednesday.
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tonight on cbs at 8:00 ncis. followed by ncis said 9:00. and 10:00 live coverage campaign 2016.
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stephen colbert. the car go in. >> is a woman tries to drop off car crashes into the front the car hit the creative learning center in benice this morning. is on banyan drive off of us 41. permission to operate in a residential neighborhood. tammie fields is asking why didn't anyone make sure the barriers were installed before they opened to prevent this. >> it is not hard to see how something like this could happen. this is a large parking area but when you look at the daycare a converted home, there are no concrete barriers, nothing to prevent a car from plowing through. >> it is nerve-racking.>>
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>> something all parents should think about. >> it must've been terrifying to these children seeing this vehicle lunge into them. >> it is not uncommon. the creative learning center is a converted home. it may not have the same safeguards with a center bill with children in maryland. department of children and families normally regulates day care homes in venice. we have learned in sarasota county all day cares are licensed and regulated and inspected by the sarasota county department of health. while we wait to learn more about what happened here the creative learning center is closed for repairs and the grandmother who admits to causing the damage could face charges. the daycare owner says they were in the process of putting in concrete barriers and now the rush is on to get their
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>> he said he was fine because he wasn't in that room but it is still nerve-racking. >> tammie fields. sarasota health department website shows that daycare was visited in november. there were no violations at that time. the health department says they are looking into the situation and we will let you know when we hear back. we posted a link to help you investigate day cares in sarasota county. another community considering charging people to drive their causeway. treasure island says maintaining a drawbridge is expensive. jenny dean is taking a closer look. >> reporter: the one putting miles of the treasure island
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an expensive stretch of road to maintain. it has three bridges including the drawbridge. >> somewhere about $750,000 a year not including the major maintenance items we have to do from time to time. >> treasure island is responsible and they will need help paying for it. this manager is proposing a toll for anyone who uses the causeway , the one main thoroughfare. >> there is no other funding source available. >> two people who have the biggest issue with the proposed a toll are the residents who live in neighborhoods on the st. pete side of the bridge. >> we couldn't leave our home to go to the neighborhood grocery store. we couldn't get gas. we get only visit a neighbor without being told. >> tolling that stretch would it just be a problem for
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nearby businesses and cause more traffic on side roads. >> is a major issue. i do not think it will end up this way because i think it will be a lawsuit that would be more expensive. the city manager said there are on solid legal ground and it is time to spread the burden to everywhere -- everyone who uses it. stomach the final decision on tolling the treasure island causeway is 18 months away. as beautiful as it is you can feel the allergies. anywhere. >> we see drastic improvement. i have that forecast for the
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gorgeous start to the evening. this is the hooters clearwater camera. a few clouds out there in the gulf and otherwise clear skies looking pretty. still under high pressure and control for a little while longer. that this change tonight . we are tracking a cold front for wednesday. you can see storms and rain along this but you look on the southern edge of this front and the part that will go through and you can see there's a difference between a big storm of kentucky and tennessee and even north louisiana to what we see in texas. the main energy is way up over the great lakes. big snow for milwaukee in michigan today. results in ohio and west virginia. this is sliding east northeast tonight. that is all we are going through so it won't be a lot changing for you even though we have a cold front we are tracking for wednesday.
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80 degrees and polk city. 70 lakewood ranch. 74 riverview. 72 st. pete. airport 72 in tampa. fantastic start to the evening. humidity 61%. we are talking about this for tuesday night planner. it is taco tuesday baby. let's talk about it. 66 degrees for dinnertime plans. warmer than last night. mainly clear skies and if you fairweather clouds. friday daybreak we will see clouds come in around 46 a m. that should keep the temperature from getting as cool as it was this morning in the mid-50s. we will look for low 60s for tampa and st. pete and surrounding bay area. east of i-75 will start in the mid-50s. the planner for wednesday, 62
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between 4 to 6 a m. by 7:00 cloudy. and isolated shower possible around midmorning. we will clear out by the second half of the day. feature cast are doing a great job explaining this. here are the clouds again, seven a m. a few isolated showers, no storms, most of us not getting rain tomorrow at all. more of a heads up for the couple of communities that may get a brief sprinkled or shower to come through. midmorning to lunch time. after lunchtime isolated showers without and cloud cover moves out and we returned to pretty afternoon and evening weather. the allergy stays in the air. yellow film is the pine but oak pollen off the charts lately. it is usually until mid april before we see improvement in
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forecast. 76 to 80 degrees for the high temperatures for tomorrow. we will look at 75 and sarasota and around 81 degrees for lakeland. the a weak front booster but just as fast as it comes in it will check out there's a. a high of 77 on thursday. no cold with this front at all. 77 on friday. another identical front on saturday. highs in the mid-70s both days. look for 80 degrees for monday and tuesday. in tampa, suburbs will be
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after spring training we will have to wait until may to see the best bullpen in baseball. lois chapman was suspended for a domestic violence absent. this is a new policy for baseball. there were no charges filed against chapman. he said he didn't hurt his girlfriend but still there is a suspension. he said he would not appeal. >> right now. toronto maple leafs defeated. the bolts are tied for first
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division but the panthers play tonight so that could be broken. >> the race owner is encouraged by the prospect were progress. with the poynter institute on monday night sternberg stared -- share the stage with the lightning check that in. they talked about the cost of a new stadium with a raise owner saying they cannot do by themselves. >> the other end, the rams are talking about this. as we go forward we will take a thoughtful approach on it. we think we can do it ourselves. >> he is saying some type of public health. >> the razor going to cuba to play a game their march 22. president obama will be there
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after the game. >> finally tonight an honor for veterans from governor rick veterans received the veterans service award this morning in pinellas park. 184 veterans honored. tonight at 11:00. live local radar, w right
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caught? >> super tuesday is the single best opportunity. >> pelley: he's already opponent. >> hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to you. >> pelley: also tonight, the president argues his case for a supreme court nomination, and gets his answer. filled this year. >> pelley: erin andrews multi-million-dollar stalk case. and there's another sanders. meet bernie's bro. >> reporter: he's been called cool. captioning sponsored by cbs


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